Star Tours: May the force be with you

On an Ireland, Far Far Away ……

Kerry Taxi Tours believe your trip with us should be one you will never forget.  We pride ourselves on local knowledge and tailoring your trip to be as unique an experience as possible. Aside from the beauty of mountains & panoramic ocean views we can also bring exciting trips for the sci-fi fans among us.



As most Star Wars fans may know, the latest movies were recently filmed in South West Ireland. Co. Kerry’s own Skellig Michael was used for a pivotal scene at the end of “The Force Awakens.

The next instalment “The Last Jedi” will also be filmed in the area at nearby Ceann Sibéal, on the Dingle Peninsula.



Close to the action you must get

We have teamed up with Skellig Executive Trips to provide you with an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of your heroes. As part of a mini tour we will take you to the drop off point, after which you will ride to the Skellig in style in an executive cruiser.


A HUGE thank you to Darragh Beeston who sent us this video of his trip with us during the week. We think that he has a huge future ahead of him in film production if this is what he can do already and hasn't even sat his Leaving Cert yet!

Posted by Skellig Executive Trips on Friday, 19 August 2016


By boat, you can venture out to the ocean, getting close to the Little Skellig famous for its seabirds, dolphins and seals.

A walk on the world-famous island (listed in the top 10 lonely planet destinations) with its breath-taking scenery and amazing wildlife then awaits you. Skellig Michael is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, rising sharply out of the sea visitors may climb upto 600 feet along original stone steps which were carved by the monks over 1,000 years ago.


Puffins on Skellig Michael

PHOTO CREDIT Puffins at Skellig Michael – photo by Corey Taratuta


Puffin Island

Visit in the months between March and early August and you will see the colony of puffins that breed on the Skellig every year.


This is the place you’re looking for…

“We needed to find somewhere completely from another time and place.”

Martin Joy, Supervising location manager explained

When Rick Cater (production design and art director) stumbled across a picture of the isolated island he knew at once it fit the outline above. He sent the idea to J.J. Abram who said he instantly fell in love with location. They certainly found the right place! The force must have been with them.





What better place to have a religious-esque Jedi monastery than a place that served as one centuries ago?


Skellig Michael, Ireland — Early christian monastary on Skellig Michael; Skellig Islands, County Kerry, Ireland — Image by © Carl Bruemmer/Design Pics/Corbis


Still containing the ruins of a sixth-century monastery the site was home to monks approximately six hundred years between the sixth and eight centuries. Deliberately isolating themselves from the rest of the world to practice Christianity the monks first had to level part of the rocky face before they started to build their monastery. They finally had to leave the area in the thirteenth century when the climate became colder with frequent storms that made it too harsh to stay.


The tour continues…


After your sea adventure, we will pick you up to continue the tour. The number of visitors to this magical place is capped, so we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

The island can alternatively be seen from the Kerry Cliffs as part of our ‘Ring of Kerry’ tour.


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