Fantastic Day

Amazing trip! Picked us up at hotel, adventure started. William Fleming treated us to a trip we will remember. Made sure we had time to enjoy the Ring of Kerry and all of its beauty. Very knowledgeable and enjoyable. Stopped when we wanted taking pictures of family and explaining sights and history. Visited sights not available on bus trips and at your leisure. Would definitely recommend William, would not be disappointed.
RonReed2015 from Memphis, Tennessee
RonReed2015 from Memphis, Tennessee


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  • Wildlife Tours in Killarney
    Wildlife Tours in Killarney
    Ring of Kerry Wildlife Tours The Ring of Kerry covers 10,000 years of history with ancient dwellings dotted along the way. As you drive you see dense forests and untamed waters of the Atlantic Ocean. An area world famous for fishing, wild stags and eagles. An unforgettable...
    Discover Co. Kerry

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